Balloons by Mike
Balloons by Mike
Clowin' around with a modern twist

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How balloons by mike Came to be

I started Balloons by Mike for a few reasons.

  • Reason #1

    • I love twisting balloons

  • Reason #2

    • Everyone loves seeing balloon animals being made right in front of their eyes

  • Reason #3

    • My girlfriend is afraid of clowns


You’re probably wondering what that third reason has to do with anything… am I right?

I figured you would. But stay with me here, because reason #3 was actually the deciding factor for why I stated Balloon by Mike in the first place!

Allow me to explain.

The following 3 ideas are essentially the founding principles of why Balloons by Mike exists:

  1. Balloon twisting is awesome

  2. Every event is better with balloon animals

  3. Every event is not better with a clown

Don’t get me wrong, clowns are great. I happen to find them pretty entertaining at times. However, in today’s modern world and from the market research I’ve done over the years...clowns just aren’t what they used to be.

They’re old fashioned, their outfits are dated, and lots of people (remember reason #3) are scarred of them. Seriously, Pennywise from Stephen King‘s It definitely didn’t do them any favours.

With all that being said, I just feel that clowns can take away from the charm and allure of balloon art, and as result, the world is missing out on how awesome balloons twisting really is

They also scare my girlfriend. 

So with those ideas and principles in mind, I saw an opportunity for the people of Winnipeg to enjoy the magic of balloon twisting, without having to worry about the hokeyness (or scariness) of clowns.

Why not give the balloon twisting industry a little facelift and provide a service where balloons twisting entertainment can be enjoyed by everyone.

Im not reinventing the wheel here, I just found a way to do what I love, provide balloon twisting entertainment to everyone, and the people what they truly want - an opportunity to share it on the gram for all their friends and followers to see. #BalloonsbyMike

I call it - “Clownin’ around with a modern twist

So let’s recap:

  • I love twisting balloons

  • Balloon twisting is awesome

  • Every event is better with balloon animals

  • Every event is not better with a clown (sorry, not sorry)

  • The balloons twisting industry needed a bit of a facelift

  • Balloon art is so money to share on social media #BalloonsbyMike

So there you have it. The story of how Balloons by Mike came to be.