How long have you been twisting balloons?

I've been twisting balloons and coming up with new and fun creations for the past 10 years.

How many balloon animals can you twist in an hour?

It takes me less than a minute to make a simple creation like a dog, giraffe or sword. However, advanced creations like flowers, butterfly bracelets, and crazy hats are made up of 3 or more balloons, so those take about 5 minutes,

You do the math.

What type of events have you done in the past?

When I say balloon animals simply make every party more fun...Im dead serious. I've made balloon animals at almost every type of party you can think of, including: 

- Birthday parties (ages 1-8)
- Parties for grown-ups
- Music festivals
- Grand openings
- Holiday parties
- Open houses
- School events
- Back yard BBQ's
- I'll stop there. But, seriously the list goes on...

What can i expect from your service (aka what am I paying you for?...)

Once again, it really depends on the event.

The most common request I get is for a Children's Birthday Party.

For that type of event, I put on a really fun 30-45 minute show with kid friendly music and introduce all my balloon animal creations to the kids, ask them questions, and then have them hold onto my creations and help take care of them for me as the show goes on. It’s very interactive.

Then I’ll make duplicates of the animals in whatever colour, take requests, and hang out and twist till my time is up or you ask me to leave.