7 ways to add some sizzle to your next party


Set A Theme For The Birthday Party

Themes are a great way to create excitement at a birthday party.  Once you have selected a theme you can buy decorations and cake that resonate with the theme. You can also dress your kid up according to the theme.

Send Out Customized Invitations

You can also base your customized invitations according to the theme. It is ideal to involve your birthday child in the customized invitation creating process. Whether it’s handing you the glue or painting the invitations you should involve your kid in it.

Set Up A Candy Table

If there is one thing kids love, it’s candy. Set up a table that has nothing but different types of candy on it. It is better to place goody bags with different types of candies in it. This way you can limit the candy intake for your kid and for the guest kids as well.

Plan A Game

Kid love to play games. You can arrange a game for all the kids at the birthday day. The game should be entertaining and fun. Treasure hunt and musical chairs are two such examples. Playing games can not only be fun for the kids but also for the parents as well.

Make The Party Dazzle With Some Decorations

No matter the nature or type of party, decorations are a must. Decorations can lighten up the entire set up and make the party more colourful. You can have stripes, wall hanging and many other types of decorations but if there is one thing that you should never miss, it’s balloons. Kids love to play with balloons. So try to have colourful balloons all around the house during the party.

Bouncy Castle

Get the good old bouncing castle for the party. It is preferred to rent the castle instead of buying one. Sometimes pleasing kids can be difficult but not with a bouncing castle. It is something they will talk about for the days to come. Even days after the party, all the kids would talk about how you had a bouncing castle at your home for your kid’s birthday. Kids enjoy bouncing castles. They can have a lot of fun bounding in the inflated castle however there should always be an adult supervisor at the site.

Balloon Twister

Instead of hiring a clown for the birthday, hire a balloon twister. There are a lot of kids that are afraid of clowns so it might be uncomfortable for a lot of kids at the party. Balloon twisters are creative and can let your kid have a lot of fun. You can also incorporate balloon twisting into other activities at the party as well. For example, after all the kids are done with playing the game you set up for the birthday, you can ask the balloon twister to give each kid a unique balloon animal as a trophy. There are many skilled balloon twisters that can create hundreds of different shapes out of balloons. Kids love such things. It can be an amazing and creative experience for your kid and all other kids at the party.

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Mike Trakalo